Mission Statement/School Vision

Mission Statement

Tawhero School will endeavour in a climate of aroha and co-operation to provide a positive learning environment for the academic, physical, cultural, social and emotional growth of its tamariki.


We will provide quality teaching and learning opportunities to enable students to be:


Be comfortable with who they are

Develop goals for themselves

Be resourceful

Be motivated


Develop a positive attitude towards learning

Be caring, respectful and responsible

Be effective users of communication tools

Be responsible members of the community

Actively Involved

Participate in a range of contexts to develop life skills

Lifelong learning

Develop skills to acquire learning informed decision makers

Make lifelong choices

Are literate and numerate

Are critical and creative thinkers




Creating High Expectations and Learning to Learn

The curriculum supports and empowers all students to learn

and achieve personal excellence, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Treaty of Waitangi

The curriculum acknowledges the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the bicultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand. All students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of te reo Māori me ōna tikanga.

Cultural Diversity

The curriculum reflects Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural diversity and values the histories and traditions of all its people


The curriculum is non-sexist, non-racist, and non-discriminatory; it ensures that students’ identities, languages, abilities and talents are recognised and affirmed and that their learning needs are addressed.

Learning to Learn

The curriculum encourages all students to reflect on their own learning processes and to learn how to learn.

Community Engagement

The curriculum has meaning for students, connects with the wider lives, and engages the support of their families, whānau and communities


The curriculum offers all students a broad education that makes links within and across learning areas, provides for coherent transitions, and opens up pathways to further learning.

Future Focus

The curriculum encourages students to look to the future by exploring such significant future-focused issues as sustainability, citizenship.

Beliefs About Learning

Tawhero School has the following core beliefs about children’s learning:

  • All students can learn and have the right to do so
  • Students learn best in an environment when positive relationships are developed and where whanaungatanga is fostered
  • Learning happens most effectively when intentions and outcomes are shared
  • Students learn best when they take ownership and responsibility for their learning
  • Learning is a shared experience which lasts a lifetime
  • Learning is best when there is a purpose to learn
  • Staff empower all students to achieve personal excellence

Attitudes and Values

At Tawhero School we value:

Growth – physical, mentally, socially, academically, creatively

Respect and Care for others – for self, for others, for human rights

Equality – fairness, social justice, recognising and acknowledging diversity, difference and inclusion

Achievement – by aiming for and persevering towards excellence academically, culturally, artistically, socially

and in sporting endeavours

Trust – which involves being honest, responsible, accountable and acting with integrity

General Goals

To work as a team to provide quality-learning opportunities for all students and staff that reflects current teaching and learning practices and presents realistic challenges, with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and inclusion.

To provide appropriate resources for the effective delivery and implementation of the curriculum

To provide a safe, healthy and challenging environment

To provide an environment for students, staff and Whanau where an understanding, appreciation and respect of Māori and other cultures is fostered

To improve educational achievement of Māori students


To help children become aware of the uniqueness of local environment/history

To provide effective learning assistance for children with identified special needs and abilities

To maintain a positive partnership with the school and local community/iwi

To provide a range of well-designed experiences outside of the classroom to help children foster an appreciation of their environment

To provide a range of physical activity to develop movement, fitness, flexibility skills and an attitude for good sportsmanship.

To provide opportunities for students and families to foster the pride in the school through extra curricula activities

To foster and enhance whanaungatanga and school culture for all

To develop leadership skills through the provision of roles of responsibility within the school

Cultural Diversity and Te Ao Māori

The school acknowledges New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of Māori culture. Our school has 92% Māori/Pacifika , 8% other.

Through our class programmes at Tawhero School students will have the opportunity to learn about our heritage and how our heritage (Māori, European and other ethnicities) influence our world today.

Programmes will recognise the multicultural society in which we now live encouraging and supporting a mutual respect for cultural differences and beliefs.

This learning may arise in many areas of learning and will be supported and modelled through teachers attitudes and acceptance of Aotearoa’s cultural diversity.