What’s been happening?

Your team of teachers are always interested in what they can do to improve each student's achievement. We are always wanting to be more effective and ensure each student achieves at least to their National Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths. It is vital that we also acknowledge the progress and success our our children make.

Currently, teachers are involved in TAI Teaching as Inquiry...using our student achievement data and identifying students who need to accelerate their learning. Teachers have discussed and shared lots of ideas that have been successful in lifting students's achievement. Your teachers are implementing plans which have specific outcomes expected at least each term . These planned interventions/strategies that will assist your child to progress and achieve. Each term we will monitor and track each students achievement to ensure we have made progress.

We then regularly review how successful we have been by using the student achievement data. Then teachers further implement plans to continue the path of lifting student achievement. 

Teachers will also share with you the strategies you can also employ at home to support your childs learning. If you would like more ideas please feel free to contact your childs teacher...or feel free to email them.

 Room 3 Mr Rex Denman  rdenman@welearn.school.nz
 Room 4 Mrs Rosalie Irwin

 Room 6 Miss Jacki Boyle  jboyle@welearn.school.nz
 Room 7 Mr Caleb McGregor  cmcgregor@welearn.school.nz
  Mr Dinesh Dayal  ddayal@welearn.school.nz
 Room 8 Mrs Emily Whittaker  ewhittaker@@welearn.school.nz
 Room 10 Mrs Lynette Tutty  ltutty@welearn.school.nz
 Room 11 Miss Alison Collier  acollier@welearn.school.nz
 Room 12 Miss Leah Smith  lsmith@welearn.school.nz
  Mrs Stephanie Robinson  stephwill@welearn.school.nz
  Mr Chris Dibben  cdibben@welearn.school.nz