From the Principal

Kia ora koutou, haere mai o Tawhero whanau
Ko Chris Dibben taku ingoa, ko tumuaki o Tawhero kura
Ko kura with tino pai rawa atu tamariki.
My name is Chris Dibben and I am the Principal of Tawhero School.
I am very privileged to be the Principal and I am also very privileged to be working with our awesome tamariki and their brilliant parents/caregivers and the dedicated and caring team of adults - the team at Tawhero , all striving to ensure our tamariki achieve and succeed, and are happy and proud. 
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Greetings to you, welcome to the Tawhero family/community.
It is with much pleasure that I welcome you to Tawhero School - the positive school - where each and every student and their whanau is valued and respected. One of our first intentions is to ensure each child is happy, safe and secure at school. When children are happy then this lays the foundation for learning, success and achievement.
Our goal is to ensure each student progress and achieve in their learning, social interactions and confidence. 
We also value the input of our wonderful parents who play an important role in supporting their chil(ren). When we enrol each child, the parents are welcomed and informed that Tawhero is their school/kura and that they are now a part of the Tawhero whanau. It is also reinforced that at Tawhero School we have an open day every day and that parents are welcome at anytime. We have an open door policy and if you have suggestions compliments, concerns, questions or need clarification, we welcome this and to make contact to the class teacher or myself at the school office.  
Your child is most important and we want to form a supportive team - parents/whanau and school staff to ensure we are all working together for the benefit of your child. Parents/caregivers and whanau are very important in supporting students learning......  During Child/Parent & Teacher Conferences ... teachers will share a variety of strategies parents/caregivers can implement at home to support your child's next step in learning. Please feel free to make contact with your child's teacher at any time through email, and the teachers will respond and support and offer suggestions so you can support your child's learning. 
Tawhero is a PB4L school - Positive Behaviour for Learning - where we focus on developing positive relationships with all the children and recognising all the positives our children display in their learning and interactions.
We expect our children to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour and we teach them the skills they require to learn, achieve and interact appropriately with others. Children self assess their learning and form goals / next steps for their learning in association with the teacher.

Our approach is to issue the Tawhero Dollars as a reward and incentive to students i n recognition of their displays of the Tawhero Values and respect to others and learning. Students can then spend their money on a variety of rewards, items and /or activities through their class auctions. Students who need assistance with their behaviour and language are taught how to display these values . It is important that we learn to respect and work collaboratively with others. Everyone at Tawhero has the right to be happy and safe learning and interacting. 
All staff - teachers and support staff ensure students are learning at their level of instruction and we aim to move them onto their next step in learning. We do aim for each child to attain to at least their National Standards in Reading, Written Language and Numeracy. To achieve this we identify where each child is learning at and provide programmes for them to achieve at their level and then move them onto their next step in the learning pathway. Our children do succeed, progress and achieve in their learning.     
Please feel free to attend Tawhero School, come in and have a look around and make yourself at home. You are always welcome.

Chris Dibben
06 3490499