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PB4L  = Positive Behaviour for Learning
Tawhero School is a  PB4L School where we focus on developing positive relationships with all children and we focus on the positives the children display at school in and out of the classroom. We encourage and expect everyone who attend Tawhero to respect others and property at all times .
We want our children to be happy and enjoy their time at school - in all their learning and interactions with others and to be safe at all times.
We promote the Tawhero School values and we regularly teach these skills as a part of the learning programme on a Monday afternoon.
Trust  -  Achieve   -   Whanau   -    Hauora    -   Respect    - Our School
At Tawhero we look for all the good choices the children display and reinforce and reward these regularly.
One of the incentive schemes we have is to reward our students positive choices by issuing Tawhero dollars. Children then collect their dollars and can spend them in a variety of ways - purchasing privileges, items, and teachers also run auctions to allow the children to purchase the items they would like.
We catch the children when they are good and we recognise their positive behaviours as often as we can.  
We aim for our children to be self managing - we teach them the skills they require so they can operate successfully in all social and learning interactions. This is a part of the learning programmes in each class on a Monday afternoon. 
At Tawhero we also have a process called TIMS to assist the children if they have an issue with another child or person. The use of these skills are to empower the children to problem solve any issues that may encounter in an acceptable manner.  
T  Talk to the person to find out why/what is the problem
 I   Ignore the person
M  Move away from the person
S  See an adult to assist you 
All staff at Tawhero are currently involved in the MOE (Ministry of Education) Professional Learning of implementing all PB4L strategies to ensure Tawhero is a happy and effective learning facility for all our community.