ICT @ Tawhero

Tawhero School prides itself as a community leader in ICT (information and communication technology).
Tawhero is one of the founding schools for the WeLearn trust who's eventual goal is to provide 1:1
devices to students and access the internet fro free 24/7.
Children will be able to take their devices home and continue learning at home. 
Currently we have 1:1 devices / chromebooks  for each child in Room 3& 6 to best support these older students with their learning. 
Children in Rooms 8 , 9, 11 & 12 have devices / chromebook  available to support their    learning.
Children in Rooms 10 have ipads available to best support their learning.
Tawhero School also has 150 Chromebooks purchased from Google and 12 ipads to enable children form all classrooms to access online learning opportunities at any given time while allowing for focus groups to also complete work online.
E learning is an integral part of the learning programmes at Tawhero School. Children learn using the chromebooks as a part of their class programmes. E learning strengthens and enhances the learning programmes and increases student engagement and achievement.   
Children are using e learning as part of their Reading, Written Language and Numeracy programmes and as much as possible in other learning as well. The joy of e learning is that learning can occur 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and that parents and whanau can be directly involved.
We also provide 24/7 free wireless internet connectivity around the school for our community use. Please feel free to come into the school grounds and access the net.