Welcome to Tawhero School

"The Positive School"

Tawhero School - The Positive School - where each child is the focus where we ensure they are happy and safe, and learn, achieve and succeed in a positive
environment. We work together as a team, with each child, their parent/whanau and school staff to ensure our children only  get the very best service, support
and leaning programmes. Tawhero is your school!

Tawhero School has an open day every day they are open for instruction - always feel welcome to come to Tawhero - we love having parents, community members
and visitors coming to school. Our children also enjoy sharing their learning and you have an open invitation to come to Tawhero; you are always welcome!

Our aim is for every child to achieve at least to their age appropriate standards in Reading, Written Language and Numeracy Learning Progressions. Together children, parents and teachers will work together as a team to ensure our tamariki/children/taonga achieve to at least their age appropriate standard.